Written on the Body #36, May 9: Mother’s Day

Still on my cell phone for internet, and even the cell phone had to be revived 3 times this week. I finally took it to the Mobile-Klinik in the Eaton Centre, which seems to have done the trick, thanks to technician there. I worried about covid safety ‐- but Eaton Centre was almost deserted on a Saturday afternoon, either more security guards than people… like a post- Apocalypse movie. They only let in people like me, with an actual reason to be there.

I didn’t mention Mother’s Day in my last post, and want to take this time to honour all Mother’s…starting with Mother Earth and the connection between all living things, and the earth itself, including the waters and the air. Then all our mothers, whether still living or gone to spirit, annd all the mothering people in our lives, grandmothers, aunts, mothers by birth adoption, or marriage, teachers, friends. And all of us as daughters and sons, perhaps mothers ourselves and as caregivers and nurtures to ourselves and our loved ones and community. May you have good memories and good times in the present., even in the pandemic. May these people be, in writer Jane Rule’s words, a “speaking presence” in our lives.

Personal thanks to my mother Viola, my aunt Jackie, my grandmother Rose, great-grandmother Mary, great-great grandmother Esther (as far back as I have pictures). And to my father’s mother, Grandma Sarah. And to my son Joe, who has brought joy to my life, and his partner Christina. And Roger’s family, his parents, siblings, children. Family trees keep extending and interweaving, like roots of trees in the forest.

Below: 4 generations: my great-great-grandmother Esther (for whom I was named), sitting; my great-grandmother Mary, at the rear, then my grandmother Rose, and my mother Viola sitting on Esther’s lap. About 1920-21. My mother’s birthday is today, May 17 — she would have been 103. (She died in 2009, at age 91, happy to have made it to over 90). She loved lilacs and they are in bloom now!

About Ellen

I am a member of The Writers Union of Canada, the League of Canadian Poets, and CANSCAIP. I have received grants from the Ontario Arts Council for both writing and teaching. I currently work with Learning Through the Arts and Living through the Arts, programmes run by the Royal Conservatory of Music that enable artists to work in schools and community organizations. I have also taught in many other school and community programs, and have been a judge for various writing contests for both young people and adults.
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