Moving Part 6 — Arrrival!

So — where to start? It is definitely a new beginning — and an ending, and also an ongoing middle to this story. A new chapter. I arrived at the townhouse at Oak Street Co-op, on Cornwall St, Toronto, at about 7:00 p.m, on Friday August 31, after a final packing up during the day, greeting the new owner (unexpectedly) and showing him around; saying goodbye to my neighbour, who dug up some iris (for herself, for me, for another couple of neighbours), and took the last batch of donations.
And now, it is a matter of settling in here — less pressure, no deadlines — and after several days (it is now Tuesday, the day after Labour Day), I feel the transition is going smoothly. The Jewish month of Elul is usually devoted to cleaning and clearing and turning before the start of the New Year, on the first day of Tishri, and this certainly has been one of those times, emotionally and physically, and spiritually, too. One of Roger’s and my projects over the weekend (in addition to unpacking some boxes) was to work on our balcony and outdoor garden, separating the palm tree into several pots, replanting the basil, planting the new iris. We also cooked together, as we like to do. I am aware of changes, the pattern of life left in Hamilton, but even more of the new pattern and rhythms of life here, and the way we are both experiencing this change in our relationship, as well as in our living spacetime. This move is giving me “courage of the heart,” a wonderful phrase/motto from the Netflix show “Sense8,” about empathy, caring, community, and working together.
To be continued…

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I am a member of The Writers Union of Canada, the League of Canadian Poets, and CANSCAIP. I have received grants from the Ontario Arts Council for both writing and teaching. I currently work with Learning Through the Arts and Living through the Arts, programmes run by the Royal Conservatory of Music that enable artists to work in schools and community organizations. I have also taught in many other school and community programs, and have been a judge for various writing contests for both young people and adults.
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