Writing Down Our Years: Series

These two books are part of a series published by the McMaster Centre for Gerontological Studies of McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Ellen B. Ryan is the series editor. For more information about all the books, and an order form, see http://writingdownouryears.ca/

The Stone Angel Speaks: Listening to Older Women’s Voices

Ellen S. Jaffe and Ellen B.Ryan. $10.00.
A study of the importance of story-telling and story-writing, focusing on work by and about older women, including the novel The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence and other published works, as well as facilitated writing for people with disabilites, and stories told “around the kitchen table.”

The Berries Are Sweeter Here: Older Women Writing Together

Paula Papky, Editor. $15.00.
Anthology of poems and short prose by one women’s writing group; work by eleven women including Ellen S. Jaffe.

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