Your Own Personalized Poem

Picture of Ellen and Charlie Chiarell

Ellen and Charlie Chiarell

Would you like a poem to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, graduation, recovery from illness, memorial service, or any other special (or everyday) occasion? Ellen will consult with you and develop your personal poem shortly thereafter, for only $10.00. People who have received these poems have treasured them for many years — seeing the sender’s heartfelt emotions put into words by an award-winning author.

Please send your request via the Contact Form, found by clicking the “Contact” page of this website.

Pictured with Ellen is Charly Chiarelli, harmonica player who performed at the “Feast of Lights” launch at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, October 2006. Learn more about Chiarelli’s music and Sicilian-Canadian story-telling here.

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