Books and Writings

An image of the cover for the book 'Writing Your Way'Writing Your Way: Creating a Personal Journal.





From Sinai to the Shtetl…. and Letters & Pictures from the Old Suitcase



Image of the book cover for Syntymalauluja/Birth SongsSyntymalauluja/Birth Songs



Graphic of the book cover for 'Water Children'Water Children




Image of the book cover of "Crossing Lines"Crossing Lines. Poets Who Came to Canada in the Vietnam War Era



an image of the book cover for the book 'Feast of Lights' Feast of Lights.




The Stone Angel Speaks: Listening to Older Women’s Voices

The Berries Are Sweeter Here: Older Women Writing Together

Jason’s Quest
, a play for young people, adapted with permission from Margaret Laurence’s novel Jason’s Quest, McClelland and Stewart Ltd., Toronto and Montreal, 1970. Presented by Adventures in Children’s Theatre, Embro, Ontario, March and April 2001.


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